At Sloka the school CBSE/IGCSE curriculum is offered and provides a variety of choices for students with a wide range of abilities.
Starting from a foundation of core subjects and encouraging learners to engage with a variety of subjects, and make connections between them, is fundamental to our approach.
From Grade I to V our approach is an internationally-benchmarked, enquiry and skill-based curriculum catering to individual learning styles. It is a pioneering approach by CBSE to deliver education with a global outlook.


Methodology of Teaching:

Sloka The school advocates the system of an integrated curriculum in which a unit/topic is taught across different disciplines using a specific set of methods. This helps our children to make connections across the curriculum. Activities, project work, presentations, educational trips, guest lectures are an indispensable part of our curriculum so that the concept formation is strong and lasting. The syllabus for the subjects is as prescribed by CBSE.

Our teachers focuses on initiating work, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. The development of oral and written expression is emphasized. Home assignments are not a carry-over of classwork but oriented towards overall development of child.

  • Multi-sensory learning approach: Sloka’s educational approach will create the perfect balance among the various learning methods so that every subject reaches all students. It also provide special interactive sessions for children with learning disabilities and even address any lingering psychological hindrances that might affect education.
  • Inter-disciplinary tactics: This is a learning method in which our teachers combine and relate two or more subjects wherever relevant. For instance, mathematics often find application in science subjects and science teachers can take this opportunity to brush up the students’ mathematical concepts.
  • Connecting concepts with the real world: Teachers relate theoretical concepts to the real world as this help students to understand the matter’s true application of the subject. This approach also encourages experimental learning where students begin to form and derive their own examples and work out their ideas in the school laboratories.
  • Inquiry-based content delivery: Teachers begin and end a class with thought-provoking questions that will compel students to trigger their analysing side. Also, allowing students to ponder over a topic before teaching them the answer fosters better knowledge consumption within the class.
  • Fun and positive ambiance: The teaching tactics are fun and positive so that students will love to come to school to learn. It is often the monotony of the subject or the way it is delivered that creates all the aversions among students.

Examination Policy

Sloka The School follows both learning and teaching practices. Facilitators use a variety of assessment strategies, tools, and techniques to build a detailed understanding of each learner’s development. They assess students before, during and at the culmination of units of study, as well as at intervals throughout the year.

Our facilitators begin each unit of study by first understanding and acknowledging what each student brings into the classroom in terms of existing knowledge. Recording, Documenting and Reporting assessment data is done meticulously, transparently and with great attention to detail and to the individual needs of the students. Assessment data supports teachers in designing learning experiences tailored according to the needs of the students. Specialists in the field of individual needs also track student progress and share their understanding with classroom teachers and parents.

Capacity Building Programs & Workshops

Sloka, The School is known to be as a well renowned organisation for conducting capacity building programmes for both students as well as teachers, as every teacher is considered as a learner in every phase of their life and gets a chance to unfold many things in life. The aims are

  • To organize empowerment and capacity building programmes at regular intervals for the teachers to equip them with the competencies such as using technology tools effectively; applying appropriate pedagogic techniques to make learning process connected with real life, stress-free and joyful; improving their Life skills such as active communication skills to deal with the needs of the learners and the society effectively
  • To carry out need analysis to plan and organize capacity building and empowerment programmes for teachers to ensure the effective implementation of various policies of the Board
  • To strengthen the leadership skills, conflict resolution, interpersonal relations and management of values and ethics to promote managerial excellence of teachers, administrators and coordinators of schools.


The faculty at Sloka The School is well qualified and continually upgrades itself to understand the paradigm shifts in the field of education. They understand not only the academic needs of this century but also that social wellbeing and emotional security is absolutely essential in present times. We believe in creating an appropriate environment within and beyond the classroom for delightful learning experiences to take place.

Sloka faculty team is an intellectual pool of school teachers, who have outstanding combination of proven record, experience, qualification & intellect that is needed to excel in school education in an holistic manner.

Our faculty team takes inputs from the belief that the role of a teacher is not simply to impart knowledge but to help the students seek more learning. A perfect blend of intellect, subject knowledge, experience and the art to teach the most complex subjects in a very clear and understanding way makes the faculty of Sloka, the best team under one roof. All the members of the faculty team at Sloka are completely oriented for their students’ success. Our faculty is committed to provide their best support inside and outside classrooms.

Tutelage at Sloka

Our pedagogical framework uses some of the world’s leading learning and teaching methodologies to aid in students’ holistic development. Our teachers – subject as well as co-curricular are all trained on these pedagogies in order to deliver their lessons in a manner that facilitates learning and fun!

Building Character :

The world needs conscientious and empathetic citizens who can lead us into a brighter future. At Sloka, we mould students into individuals whose intrinsic humanity makes them a shining light wherever they go. Our pedagogies have been carefully selected and developed to help students connect and empathise with their peers, their elders, their surroundings and the ecosystems they are a part of.

Building Competence :

How can students achieve their true potential? How can they thrive in a constantly changing world? At Sloka, we believe in creating a strong foundation of learning, creativity and innovation to help students develop competencies that unleash their intellect, empower them with critical skills and teach them to learn and grow continuously.

Value Enrichment

Experiential learning is a major part of academia here. The school has enrichment activities, extra-curricular activities, life skills activities, language labs and early childhood enrichment programs to facilitate the same.

Our school also offers Value Added Activities such as:

  • Dance for multi-sensory development.
  • Magazine Corner: Reading newspaper that helps make reading a habit, which helps in developing their English skills.
  • Workbooks: Neatly illustrated worksheets for different subjects.
  • Additional Help Classes: Platform for teachers to understand their students better.
  • Enrichment Classes: Helps develop Math and Science skills.

The list goes on, but we can clearly understand that Sloka The School takes child development and learning very seriously. All the activities, teaching approach, and the learning strategies are steps towards a common goal: ‘To sow thoughts and to reap destinies of every student.



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