Discipline Committee:

Discipline of the school is the one of the yard stick to assess the school performance. Discipline helps in creating conducive learning atmosphere. As such, it is important to have proper and systematic discipline policy in the school. The policy is also designed to promote fairness in taking disciplinary action.
The School Discipline Committee ensures the safety and security of the students. It keeps a sharp vigil upon the safety & security of all the students in the school. The Committee also looks and arranges for all the possible measures for the safety & security of all the students. The members of this Committee make the students feel comfortable with the vicinity and School campus. It tries its best to provide them homely atmosphere in the campus.



  • To ensure that students obey rules and remain orderly and peaceful in the school.
  • To create a safe and motivating environment in school and to bring professionalism among students by the inculcation of best practices

Action Plan:

  • Handling all disciplinary matters within the framework of Education Policy and Discipline Policy designed by the school.
  • Assessing school discipline status and making recommendation for promoting good discipline status.
  • Keep records of all disciplinary matters and maintain and monitor overall Discipline in School.
  • To develop the Etiquettes and self-discipline among the students.

Academic Committee:

The academic committee provides a platform for its members to review and thus make suggestions for policies on school curriculum development. The Academic Committee, IQSA( Sloka Internal Quality Assurance Committee) is the highest authority of academics, exercising the power in decision-making, examination, evaluation and consultation of all academic affairs of the school. It enhance the efficiency of learning and teaching.


  • To build up serious learning ,teaching culture and atmosphere.
  • To enhance students’ interests and capabilities in learning.
  • To develop school-based curriculum and effective learning and teaching strategies as per the guidelines of CBSE, Ministry of Education-India.
  • To promote different teaching methods and strategies with the latest updations in education and Teachnology

Action Plan:

  • To review, advise on and develop policies on school curriculum development, medium of instruction, assessment for learning, teaching and learning quality
  • To review and formulate policies to enhance students’ learning motivation
  • To decide the subjects offered and the number of lessons for each form

Examination Committee

The Examination committee shall be facilitated by three sections: Examination, Record Maintenance and Administration. The main function of this Committee is to carry out examinations, publish results and award certificates (provided by the school) to the students. It keeps record of each and every issue related to the examination.

The Examination Committee guarantees the quality of the final examination to safeguard the quality of the organization and the examination procedures. Take measures against fraud. To appoint examiners for organizing examinations and determining the results of these examinations.


The objective of the examination committee is to assess the extent to which the student has achieved the academic objectives stipulated for the subjects in the curriculum.

Action Plan:

  • The Examination Committee shall prepare relevant time tables for our school based on the Examination Time Table.
  • The Examination Committee shall make the Block and Seating Arrangement and display them on the concerned Notice Board
  • The Exam Committee shall ensure that adequate stationery, like answer sheets etc are made available.
  • Preparation of smooth conduct of Examinations, preparation of time – table schedules, Invigilation duty chart, Seat allotment in the Examination halls etc.

Extra Curricular Activities Committee

It’s not always about hitting the books at school. Learning experiences can take any form and at any time. Tradition has always pushed students to keep academic goals as number one priority. However, the addition of extracurricular activities leads towards development of positive personality traits. It encourages them to take up challenges outside of their academic responsibilities.

The school’s belief is always in respect to extra-curricular activities. The school provides a valuable opportunities for students in which to grow and develop their individual.

Action Plan:

  • • The Committee shall display on the Notice Board/Website information about events to be conducted by the Cultural Committee like (a) Annual day (b) Festival Celebrations (c) Independence Day (d) Republic Day etc.

Counselling Committee

The main role of this committee is to identify the goals of school guidance programme… The counsellor looks for the particular needs of students while planning the programme. Guidance and counselling programmes have become the need of the hour. In this committee we focus upon the developing, planning and organisation of Guidance and Counselling services under a comprehensive School Guidance programme


  • To understand the areas where the student is lagging back, and to help them by conductions counselling progammes .
  • To conduct motivational classes so as to improve their confidence levels
  • Ensure that the child shows improvement.

Action Plan:

  • To plan guidance & counselling activities for the academic year.
  • To maintain Guidance & counselling register.
  • To arrange talks by experts.(motivational speakers)
  • To have a counselling hour for difficult students of various classes.

Sports Committee

With an assurance to foster a holistic development of the learners with an ability to become poised, accomplished individuals, Sloka the school provides conducive environment to the students to pursue their passion in sports. It coordinates and encourage student participation in School Sport.

Action Plan:

  • To provide a calendar of each term on sports being offered during the school
  • To keep an up-to-date register of the students who participate in school sport.

Library Committee

Sloka’s Library commitee monitors the functions of the library and the services provided by the library to the students. The library committee consists of a group of persons who are empowered. The purpose of our school library committee is to help every member of school, students, staff to gain new knowledge, skills, and dispositions for learning and personal development that they will use throughout their lives.


  • To enhance reading skills of the students
  • To make a child aware of the different authors and their style in writing
  • To create interest in poetry and novels

Action Plan:

  • The suggestion from staff members for the purchase of new books to be taken.
  • Students should be encouraged to write a Book Review.
  • Book reading corner or table to be maintained.


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