Young Readers Club

Young Readers Club

Young Readers Club is for children to encourage a love of books and reading, particularly fiction. Held in the comfort of the school , children will read together a chapter or two of a book and discuss the plot, characterisations and their feelings generally about the way the story is written. They will then read some more of the book at home – hopefully with support from their parents and come back the next week to talk further about the story. The club aims to help children improve their reading skills and literacy appreciation as well as to engender in them a love of reading for life.


1. Young Readers Club are focused on literary critique or on less academic topics.
2. Our book clubs targets on a certain aspects of academics too.
3. These clubs are dedicated to a particular author or series also in order to facilitate book lovers.

Action Plan:

1. This club member must prepare a brief summary of the reading to share with the group
2. Students should be encouraged to write a Book Review.
3. Guidance & Counselling corner or table to be maintained.
4. Discuss conflicts and complications of the books among the members.



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